100.00 from fineco bank plus 50.00 from me

I offer 50.00 from my Fineco Bank 100.00 refer a friend if my referral link is used to apply for account and bonus terms are met

FINECO: Scopri Fineco, il conto del futuro dal 1999. Uomo e tecnologia al tuo servizio. #TheHumanFactor #FinecoBank - apply with this complete link, promotional code on application form should be pre-populated with this code UK5536858

Complete the Fineco UK current account opening procedure within the period from 31/05/2019 and 19/09/2019 using the Friend Code provided by the Host in the relevant form.

  • Make a bank transfer by 11/10/2019 to the Fineco UK account for at least £1,000 ( Can be withdrawn as soon as it arrives

The disbursement of the bonus depends on the customers’ (Host and Guest) acceptance of a contract addendum.

A pop-up with the contract addendum noted above will be shown from 31/10/2019in the Customer Area, but only to those who have met all the conditions.

The signing of the contractual addendum by the authenticated persons must occur by 29/11/2019.

The bonus will be paid directly into the customer’s account within 8 working days from the acceptance of the contractual addendum.

Worth noting that front and back of either driving licence or passport has to be uploaded during application process and no apparent fees incurred if funds transferred via Santander/Nationwide BS, other Banks charge around 6.00 to receive funds from Fineco

You will get a total of £150 as follows

  1. £100 from Fineco, deposited into your account
  2. £50 from me (from the £100 I get from Fineco for referring you), via bank transfer, or Amazon Voucher codes by PM

Fineco will only pay if you comply with their terms and conditions


Feel free to message me with any questions , I have account opening walk through notes happy to relay, also message me if you sign up with my link so that I know who to remit 50.00 to either by Bank Transfer or Amazon Gift Certificate credit code approx. 31 October when I will see list of names who qualify for bonus. :grinning:

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Decent referral! And interesting incentive! Let us know how it goes :grinning:

Fineco Bank have run this offer over the course of several years, as has been the case previously this offer was due to finish late May and was extended, original offer paid out around 9th July, just over a week to go for an application to be made, I thought would just see if appealed to someone who hasn’t seen the offer elsewhere, long winded application process, nicely rewarded. :smiley:

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Hi Clive,

Their offer has now changed to £ 50 for you and £ 50 for the friend.

Are you Ok to send £ 25 back to me if I sign up with them ?


See last post 24 December

Hi Clive,

You are right.

Better to wait until middle of January and see if the offer is back to the previous terms.

But once I will use your referral code to open the account, how do you intend to communicate with me to arrange the bank transfer ? (I cant find any PM function on this site)

See 24 December post

Please note that I am having to withdraw my split offer having had a response from Fineco Bank relating to offer period where they state limit of 20 friends can be introduced, something that was not in offer T+C