1000 free coins and a lot more to come

Hi everyone,
Today, I will tell you how get my first crypto without any investements.
I discover Coinapp few months ago and it changes the way I think about cryptos.

This app use your geolocalisation datas to securise transactions on blockchain. Yes I know i don’t really understand it too ^^. In a simple way, You are paid for moving around, not just by walking like a lot of other apps. Coinapps mines datas when you are on foot, bike, car, train, plane, boat, juste about everything !
And the best part is still to come : It continues to mine even if your are not moving !
And here is a tip to get the best of it.

  • get an old smartphone with a Jack audio output : You should have one somewhere in your house
  • get an old set of earphones you don’t use anymore
  • get the app using this link (if you are on a computer, send it to your email to get it on your phone)
  • instal the app, set your account and run the tutorial
  • mine 15 times to get automining and able it
  • go to your settings, and able audio Ads
  • plug your earphones into your smartphone
  • plug your charger

and leave it here …

Juste check it sometimes to be sure apps is running well. Come everyday to get yours bonuses
Audio ads run automaticaly, but with your earphones pluged in, you won’t be disturbed and incomes will flow in

I do 10 -15 $ per mouth with this technique