£15 from Zilch. No deposit required. UK only

This is an easy way to get £15 to spend. Zilch give you £15 off your basket online or in-store (use tap and pay instore, but its iOS only - for some reason Zilch tap and pay isn’t available on Android). When shopping online you will see the full price of your basket - use your Zilch virtual card number to pay and your rewards are automatically applied.

Zilch gives you 2% cashback in Rewards every time you pay in full using your card so it’s a good way to reduce home/shopping bills that you can pay by card.

When using your Zilch virtual card online you can choose to pay all at once or spread your payment over six weeks for no fee and zero interest. Please be aware that if you tap the “Try Zilch Anywhere” option (to use your card on a non-participating store) and then opt to pay in instalments there is a £2.50 fee per transaction and interest applicable.


  1. Tap my referral link to sign up, then add a debit card - you can choose to pay in 4 installments or all now.
  2. Search for your store and tap on your green Zilch card, then “tap here to copy details’.
  3. Tap the button next to Reward Balance to activate your rewards for your purchase then tap "Enable for Store” - Zilch will take you to your store’s website.
  4. Shop for your item(s) then when you go to pay for the items copy your Zilch card details into the stores payment page. Zilch will discount your items by £15.
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