£20 of Bitcoin (limited time offer) when you sign up to Mode and buy £100 of Bitcoin

£20 of Bitcoin (limited time offer) when you sign up to the Mode app using my link and buy £100 of Bitcoin.

£20 Referral Link

Mode is an App that allows you to easily buy and sell Bitcoin and have accounts in GBP and Euros (Mode is a bit like Revolut).

Buy £100 of Bitcoin and Mode will add £20 worth of Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Account within 24 hours.

Mode does not charge you to deposit and withdraw funds. Mode charges only 0.99% fee for buying and selling Bitcoin (deposit £101 to make sure you have bought £100 of Bitcoin after the fee to be eligible for the £20 Bitcoin reward).


  1. Click on my referral link above. Select GB and enter your phone number - Mode will send a link to your phone. Tap on the link and download the Mode App.

  2. Click “Sign Up” and enter your email address then click on the link in the email Mode send you.

  3. Enter your full name. Make sure the names you enter matches the names on the bank account you intend to link to Mode.

  4. Enter your Date of Birth and Mobile number.

  5. Chose a four digit passcode for log in and your account is immediately opened.

  6. Click on the “+” sign on your Sterling account.

  7. Mode will now verify your ID. Click Verify twice and Mode will send a link to your email. Click on the Link to verify your email.

  8. Mode will ask you some account questions – when asked the purpose of your account you can just select the “Trading” option.

  9. Mode will ask you to take a photo of your ID and then a selfie.

  10. Click the “+” sign on your Sterling account to deposit £101. You have two options to link your bank account either Open Banking or Bank Transfer. If you choose Open Banking you must have your bank’s app on your device; if not choose bank transfer.

  11. Click the “+” sign then “Buy” then “Confirm & Pay” to buy £101 Bitcoin.

You can sell all your Bitcoin as soon as the £20 is added.

Referral terms https://modeapp.com/referral-program-terms

If you take up the offer try to catch Bitcoin in an upward trend when you buy and you may cash out with a bit more than £20.

If you have any questions just send me a message.