£20 when you sign up to GoHenry and deposit £5 - UK only

GoHenry is an app that gives children (ages 6-18) a prepaid debit card funded by their parents however you do not need to have children to do this sign up offer; there are no checks, so can simply choose what details to enter when asked for the child’s details.

You need to add £5 to activate the account. You are sent a debit card free of charge. The app is free for 30 days free, then £2.99/month; so close your account after you have received your sign up bonus if you want to avoid any charges.


  1. Tap my referral link Get started with £20 in your account | gohenry to sign up and enter the details requested. You do not need ID.
  2. Download the app, enter Date of Birth (I entered my own DoB) and log in with email and password.
    3 Set up your parent PIN.
  3. When the debit card arrives, tap Get set up, then set up the child’s details. Once the card is activated, your £20 bonus will be added within 24 hours and you’ll find the card PIN and login info in the app.

When you refer someone to GoHenry you will get £20 for each referral.