£50 when you open a Tide account and send yourself £500

£50 when you open a Tide account and send yourself £500 using my referral link:

£50 Referral Link

You can get a £50 bonus by joining Tide and spending £500 using your debit card (sent to you free). You can spend £500 by adding your Tide debit card number to either Revolut, Monzo.me or by adding your debit card number to Paypal and sending £500 to a second Paypal account (you can create a second Paypal account using a different email address whilst using the same phone number and the same bank account). I used Revolut to deposit £500 to Tide and then immediately withdrew my £500 back to Revolut and the whole process only took a couple of minutes.

Tide is a business account however some people are not asked for proof of owning a business so you may be able to get this offer without having a business. I don’t have a business and Tide asked me for proof of trading so I gave my personal Ebay account a trading name and sent Tide PDF’s generated on Ebay of sales I had made on Ebay. That was enough for Tide to open my account.

The sign up process can be completed in minutes if Tide don’t ask you for more information. Once you have spent £500 on your Tide debit card it can take 6-8 weeks for your £50 reward to be validated and transferred to you. Tide charges 20p for each deposit and withdrawal so you will incur a total of 60p of charges depositing £500, spending £500 using your Tide debit card, then withdrawing the £50 bonus.

If you have already opened a Tide account without using a referral code you can still become eligible for the £50. Just contact Tide Support via chat and quote my referral code M2JLJA

Steps for £50 referral bonus-

  1. Sign up to Tide (photo ID and selfie) using my referral link £50 Referral Link

  2. Input my referral code when signing up:- M2JLJA

  3. Complete the verification process.

  4. Order your Tide debit card (arrives quickly).

  5. Deposit £500 to your Tide account (20p fee).

  6. Make a card transaction (20p fee) to the value of £500 within 3 months of opening then withdraw (or you can leave the £500 in Tide until the bonus arrives and then withdraw both to save a 20p transaction fee).

Your £50 reward will be credited to your account within 6-8 weeks and you can withdraw immediately.

If you need any help signing up and getting the £50 bonus contact me here.

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