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Can you provide payment proof, to support that your app is genuinely paying the investors

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I haven’t held the properties long enough to collect any dividends or returns as of yet for the Rhove App.

I can supply screenshots for Groundfloor, Concreit, Landa,, & Fundrise - HappyNest and Rhove are new for me.

These are all real estate investment apps so in some cases, Rhove particularly, the project has to get funded before you would start seeing a return. Please refer to the Rhove FAQ for specifics.

If you are looking for immediate returns than I suggest one of the other apps - for instance, pays dividends daily which can be withdrawn.

I give “real life” investment return feedback on my Real Estate Rumble Google Doc including dividends paid, appreciation and more.

If you have specific questions regarding specific platforms let me know.

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The Google Doc I referenced has now been replaced by an app that is available here → Real Estate Rumble