CryptoTab an easy way to get BTC

Hi there !

Wanted to get free BTC just by using a browser on your desktop or smartphone ?
An easy way is to use Cryptotab, after setting up the browser, you juste have to let it run and do the job.

try it you will thanks me !!

What is the mining rate, what can you expect from it per day?


without any investment (NFT, cloud boost …) I get 2000+ hash/sec. But with some invests you can go up to 2 M h/s
you get a free NFT miner for 3 days that goes up to 100 000 h/s


Guess it depends on your pc, im only getting 100

Is your computeur old ?
Did you put the cursor to max ?

Yes, very old laptop, think its too old for this to be honest, shame though

How much you made?