Dave (the app, not my exhusband)

Funny story. My exhusbands name is Dave and he’s a real….donkey lol. I dislike the man so much that i vowed to not even download the Dave app. That is until the following week of me saying……they offer a $5 automatic cash bonus sign up. Not just that but up to $100 cash advance even without verified proof of income or direct deposit.
This Dave is soooooo much cooler than my ex Dave.

Hey there! I think you’d like Dave, an app that has helped me with my money. For a limited time, Dave is giving new members (like you!) $5 to join. Here’s my invite link to get started: Dave - Banking for Humans


:laughing: :laughing: Anyone, including ex-husbands, can also share Dave referrals here: Dave Referral Code & CashBack Page