Earnings on Trading212 - Bonus up to 100 euros!

Promotion available only to adults and living in Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland or the Netherlands.

Earnings on Trading212 - Bonus up to 100 euros!
Trading212 Bonus - Get free action for creating an account!

What we make money on: Trading212 is a fully licensed and FCA regulated financial broker. He has prepared a promotion where new users receive shares worth up to $ 100

How much will you earn: You will receive the above-mentioned amount for creating a free account, verifying it and paying PLN 5. However, you can also invite 20 friends who will get shares as well as you. In this way, you can gain up to several thousand zlotys in this method!
Can the account be closed later: Yes, you can close after contacting the broker. This is best done after the withdrawal of funds.

  1. Create your free Trading 212 INVEST account (remember to select Invest) using this link:
    www.trading212.com/invite/GINxzu80 (The referral link is needed to get the free shares. A clean link won’t work sorry! checked)

  2. Verify your data in the application.

  3. Make a deposit to your account of the minimum amount, ie 5$

  4. Receive your earnings

  5. Recommend your friends and earn several thousand (you have 20 invitations)

Trading212 Bonus - Questions and Answers

When will I get my free share?
You will receive your free action within 1 business day after your referred friend has verified and credited your Invest / ISA Trading 212 account with the Minimum Deposit.
What action will I get?
The free share is randomly selected and the maximum value is $ 100 / £ 100 / EUR 100.
How many free shares can I get?
You can refer up to 20 friends. After receiving the 20th free share, no further shares will be awarded. However, your friends will get their free action if they sign up using your invite link.
When can I sell my share and withdraw its value?
Free shares can be sold after a trading period of 3 days after the bonus is awarded. The cash value of the free action can be withdrawn 30 days after receiving the bonus.
Is there an inactivity fee?
There is no inactivity fee for Trading 212 Invest and ISA accounts.
Can i lose my money?
You cannot lose more than your account value.
Do you need additional information?
Read the Terms and Conditions of the “Invite a Friend” promotion. Have more questions? Send us an email to [email protected].