Free £10 of Bitcoin from Luno - No Deposit or purchase necessary - UK only ---

I am a member of Bitcoin Pioneers; a group who work in association with Luno to support Bitcoin adoption and education in the UK. My Bitcoin Pioneers’ referral code BPKSteele10 gives you £10 of Bitcoin when you sign up to Luno (UK and 18+ only). You don’t need to deposit any money or buy crypto to get your £10 of Bitcoin using my code.

Luno is an established crypto exchange founded in 2013 with their HQ in London. Luno’s app is used by over 9 million people in 40 countries. The app is really easy to use and ideal for beginners. I’ve found that Luno’s support team are really helpful and quick to respond if you have any questions. GBP deposits & withdrawals are free and it’s free to trade using Luno’s Exchange (using a limit order).

This offer also gives you access to a Bitcoin webinar and Q & A with Bitcoin analyst Jason Deane; select yes to marketing at sign up (change that setting anytime). The next webinar is on 26th January at 6pm.

Luno was founded in 2013, London HQ and their support team are really helpful if you have any questions.


  1. Download Luno’s app or tap Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, XRP and Altcoins Securely | Luno, enter your email address and password then select “Sign up”.

  2. Verify your account before you enter my code - go to profile//settings//verification to upload photo ID e.g. passport / drive lic and selfie. Verification usually takes minutes.

  3. Tap the ‘Rewards’ tab, select ‘Enter a Code’ and type in BPKSteele10 - your £10 worth of Bitcoin will be credited instantly.

If you want to you can create a savings wallet on Luno and put your Bitcoin into your savings wallet and you will earn approx 4% interest per annum.

Feel free to share my code with others, my code doesn’t expire and anyone can use my code to get £10 of Bitcoin.