Free 100 dollars on Binance

A referral programme where if you use the following link and follow these steps you can get 100 dollars free.

  1. click on link and sign up to Binance

  2. Complete identity verification

  3. Deposit more than 50 dollars (can just be 51), this money will NOT be lost and can just be put into a stablecoin like USDT to ensure value doesn’t fluctuate

  4. As long as that has all been completed within 14 days of signing up you will get 100ustd (same as dollars) and will be able to withdraw your 150 dollars.

Literally takes 5 mins and usually less than a day waiting for identification to be verified and then you get the 100 dollars, absolutely no downside and extremely trustworthy as binance is the world leading crypto exchange. Enjoy :slight_smile: