Free £5 with Numbrs app (budgeting tool)

New App called Numbrs.

It’s a budgeting app like Cleo to help track spending. Numbrs is a German company but recently been made available in the UK and is a referral that’s quickly spreading across the internet due to there being:

  • No deposit - It’s completely free to do
  • A fast payout
  • A quick sign up
  • All you need to do is connect your bank and not do long verification checks

£5 for you. £5 for me.

With Numbrs you not only have your finances under control, but we also earn money. Sign up for Numbrs with my link and we both get £ 5 once you add a bank account.

When do I get paid?

As soon as you join or invite someone, your money will be on its way to your bank. You don’t need to manually “withdraw” on the app as it automatically sends you the money when you invite people.

One thing I would note if you are on Android at least:

Click the referral link and download the app. Once you have the app screen open and have the choice to either log in or sign up, go back to the referral link and click it again, this seems to trigger the referral, I don’t think you’ll get it otherwise.

Referral for £5:

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Let us know if you get any success! It will help others when you share your experience. Thanks for posting :slight_smile: