Free Btc from Core Mining

The second project of Bitcoin (Core Mining) is going to mainnet. As 2022 is the last year of free mobile mining, So don’t miss it as you missed BTC.

Install Core Mining on your Smartphone and get BTC rewards. You are rewarded with BTC (via giveaways, mining rewards, and referral bonuses).


Click the Link Below:

When you get to the page

  1. Enter your “Email Address“
  2. Enter the verification code sent to your email in the box
  3. Set a Unique and secure password
  4. Now click on “REGISTER”
  5. Download the app on the play store and login
    To start mining you must complete the KYC
    Use your Real name and Either your ID ( Drivers license or Government-issued ID) or Phone number
    Do the face scan and follow all instructions
    Now check if the mining has started, for new users you will be given 100k Hash speed which you can always increase Either by recruiting New members or using gift cards and hash card

Core Mining Login
To login into your satoshi app account, just follow this step below
Tap on the click login button at the top of the page
Input your Email and password (if you do not remember your password, tap on forgot password then follow the easy process to reset your password).

How to Mine Core Mining
When you login into the Core Mining app, you will see your mining button giving you a signal to click. All you need to do is to tap on the mining button and the mining will start immediately. When there are 150 blocks, stop producing blocks until the user collects them.