Get $15 to shop when you use my link

I just got approved to sell on whatnot and was wondering if you guys could give me a follow on the platform, ill post my link for you guys to sign up. If you guys use my link you get $15 to spend on the app, you will get your $15 on your first purchase on the app. I would greatly appreciate if you guys signed up and if you get a chance swing by and say hi on my first show hopefully happening in 3 weeks.
I will be having Hot Wheels for sale and giveaways on there. I’m still new to this platform but I’m sure on future shows I will get better.
Drop me a follow and I will return the favor
Thank you.
If you would like to buy on whatnot please use this link

If you would like to sell on whatnot please use this link


Hi I signed up under you
Thanks for the 15 to shop.

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