Ice coin mobile mining-recieve 10 ice bonus with my referral code! Free to mine

Enjoy the benefits of mining without impacting your phone’s performance or battery life with Ice. You need to check-in every 24 hours by tapping the Ice logo button to begin your daily check-in (mining) session. You will earn the current mining rate/hour for the next 24 hours. The coin is invite-only!
Tier1- the people you invite- you get 20% on the base mining rate for each one
Tier2- the one invited by your friends are Tier2 for you- 5% on the base rate on each person
The more people you will invite, the more your ice\hr production rate will be increased. Site-checked by me-legit. Github-accessible and transparent. Customer service- got answers for my questions. Free for now, cost start at October 2024. This coin has no value yet, BUT have one of the quickest mining rates starts at 4 coins per hour! very comfortable app, very clear and intuitive site.
Use my referral link to get welcome bonus of 10 ice! open from your mobile only to download the app
download on Appstore\Google play: Ice: Decentralized Future my sponsor\referral name: vtr82