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ATLAS: EARTH is a new mobile-first gaming experience where you can buy “real world” plots of land on the actual planet. These plots will pay you rent in $USD every second of the day. The entire United States is split into 30ft x 30ft parcels that you can buy.

Earn 200 Atlas Bucks on Signup, a $9.98 value!

Use my code on signup: CCCNK4

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Please note that this app is for entertainment purposes only.

Professional, Legal and Financial Disclaimer for Stanley Holtsclaw

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Free resource for tracking your Atlas:Earth Virtual Real Estate

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I got paid today from Atlas:Earth, but the best part is even if I never “buy” another parcel and just “boost” my existing ones I’ll be able to cash out every 38 days – and this number will go down as I acquire more parcels!

Atlas:Earth - buy virtual real estate, earn daily “rent” payable in $USD to PayPal. Get your first parcel (100 AB = $4.99 value) free when you use my link and complete the tutorial.

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Get another 200 AB after you purchase your 10th parcel!

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Attention Atlas:Earth fans - hot damn, looks like we are getting another 50X Super Rent Boost tomorrow, June 29, 2023.

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