Looking for refferal sites - Send me your refferal sites/apps/programs

I’d like to expand my referral horizons. I’d be happy to sign up using your referral. Just tell me in the message, how much can I make a month from a site or app you recommend. I’m based in Europe.
Here are the results of how many people signed up using my referral. This data is from January 2021 to March 2021:

Poll Pay - 230, I have $24.74, but I can’t withdraw. “For security reasons, your account must be at least 3 days old before you can make a withdrawal”. My account is over a month old. I really hope that they fix the issue and pay me one day.
Attapoll - 216, a Passive income app, gets me currently around 7 euros a week. A total of 28 euro. I manage to withdraw the rewards twice a week.
App Karma - 170 people $4.50 on my account, can’t withdraw yet
Clipclaps - 125, I can withdraw when I reach $10, I have currently $7. It gets better when you get more referrals.
Lucky Cash - 79 people, $1.50 on my account, $5 to withdraw. I wonder if they’ll pay.
Keydrop - 54 people signed up. It’s a gaming site with mixed reviews. I received few skins for referring people. I’ll see if I can sell them. People invest real money, but I don’t see the point of depositing real money.
Verse - 28, 6 people completed the steps. I managed to withdraw a total of 30 euro, 6x5 very easily.
Cake Defi - 26, A huge surprise. I must keep it for 180 days. I currently have $143.83. I’ll see if it pays in August/September. I deposited just $1, so no big loss there if it doesn’t.
SwissBorg Community App - 11. Predicting the price of Bitcoin, currently on 19,000 place, they will give me around $4.70 when the wealth app launches.
CoinSmart - 10 people signed for the waitlist, however, no one has verified yet. $200 is possible if someone who used my referral gets verified
Zelf - 9. It should launch this year. Happy to see that I have potentially 50 euro there without investment.
Bitpanda - 5, 1 person has completed the steps, and we both received 10 euro. I invested 10 euros for fun into Cardano.
Twisto - 4, but no one completed the steps.
Wolt - 3, no one has ordered anything yet.
SwissBorg - 3. 2 people have successfully completed the steps, and we’ve received scratch cards worth up to 100 euro.
Binance - 2 people, #1 crypto site in the world, but they haven’t bought any cryptocurrency yet.
StormGain - 2, I’ll see in March if they are active miners. I have $7 right now, $10 to withdraw, then I can trade with the $10 bonus, so I’ll buy low-valued crypto, and take the profit.
Surveytime - 2, received $2 last week.
Bybit - 1
Bondora - 1, but didn’t complete the steps. I made a profit of 4 euro from this site. I invested 10 euro, got 5 euro from them - 1 euro withdrawal fee and withdrew 14 euro.
BeFrugal - 1, didn’t earn $10 in cashback yet.
Vivid - 0, I ordered and received the free card, but haven’t used it, since nobody signed up. I hope to use it one day regularly, cause they are offering super cash-back and stock rewards.
Revolut - 0 Recently added
Curve - 0, another disappointment. I received my free card, but haven’t used it yet. Maybe that’s why I’m not getting any £5 bonuses.
Top CashBack - 0, a few clicks, but no one signed up.
MuchBetter - 0
Honey - 0, but managed to save me money when buying online.
Testable Minds - 0, but I managed to withdraw $25 this week for taking part in short studies.
StreetBees - No data, however, I received a referral payout of $4 last month.
Overall, I’m happy. I can give a piece of advice to stop using apps where payout takes ages such as Appkarma. As you can see above, 170 people joined App Karma Instead, they could have joined Bitpanda, SwissBorg, Bondora, Cake Defi, where there’s a lot more money to be made, and most of the sign-up bonus sites allow you to withdraw everything on the same day.
Of course, the problem is always money. Not everyone has the money to deposit 50 euro to SwissBorg. However, over 75% of the sites/apps mentioned above are free, meaning that no deposit is required. The list goes on… Attapoll, Surveytime, Testable Minds, StormGain, Streetbees…
Take for example Zelf. They should launch globally this year and they offer 5 euro for every person who joins. Will they pay? We don’t know, but since it’s a fintech like Verse, Vivid, or Curve, they should pay. They are already active in France and in Spain. There’s no risk, and the reward can be good.
With the rise of new technology, new fintech companies will emerge and they will offer withdrawable money for signing up. That’s why it’s better to use them than worthless apps such as AppKarma, where 1. We don’t know if they’ll pay. 2. It takes ages to withdraw. 3. It’s boring, useless, and unproductive.

I’m on Twitter, so if you have any interesting referral site, app, or program, you can message me there.


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I use this app called Mode to buy, manage and grow my Bitcoin (by grow I mean earn interest on it while it sits in the app).

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  3. Hold for exactly 24 hours then withdraw with your bonus, enjoy!

ENDS 14/03/2021 :exclamation:

Let me know if you need help!


You’re invited!

  1. Sign up with my invite link
  2. Deposit and buy GBP 100 in BTC (Luno exchange not included)
  3. We both get GBP 10.00 free BTC

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