New stock app passfolio works worldwide

:low_brightness: PASSFOLIO - Signup here

I’m inviting you to Passfolio, an American broker I use to invest in the American market. Signup today and we’ll each get up to $100 in free stock. Works in many country. you get your free share 2/3 working days after you have deposited your account. Make sure you do USD as payment.

:heavy_check_mark:USA PEOPLE ONLY DEPOSIT $1.00 and get $100 worth of stock shares.

:heavy_check_mark:UK Deposit $25 you don’t have to spend it.

Signup here

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Is this better than RobinHood? If there was no referral difference, would you still choose Passfolio? :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am from UK and I can’t use Robinhood but I like to have multiple share app.

With passfolio u can also buy crypto. Seems good to me.


Thanks for the share! Signed up using your link :partying_face:

Check out some of mine that should also work in the UK,

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Thank you, let me know which country u r from. I am from uk and if u r from any other country let me know cuz I want to see how does this referral works for other country.

Also can u let me know when u have deposited aswell.
Many thanks

I’m in the US and everything went smoothly. I submitted the initial deposit too. We’ll see how long it takes for either of our rewards to come through.