Public [Investing App] - No Deposit Required - Claim Up To $300 In Free Stock *USA Only

Originally Public was iOS only - there is now an Android app available.

Please note that link must opened from mobile -

Join Public today and we both get up to $300 in free stock (Public calls them “slices”) and you get to choose your choice from the offered selection which could be Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft or others.

There is no deposit required to claim your free stock bonus but the account must be kept open for a minimum of 90 days.

As this is a brokerage account identity verification is required.

See terms and conditions within app.

Any questions hit me up.

Please note, accurate at time of posting, T&C subject to change.

Yesterday Public launched “Learn and Earn” - get free “stock slices” just for taking lessons and learning more about investing. Not a Public member? …join here Share Public

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