Receive €25 TODAY FREE in WU+ app. KYC and €10 Deposit Required But Then €35 is Immediately Available For Withdrawal.

The Western Union plus application is a free virtual bank account, operating on similar principles to the nany bank fintechs like revolut, etc., WU+ offers a free account and a Free Interest Savings Account of up to 1.5% interest on balances up to €3,000. WU+ is offered by Western Union International Bank GmbH. Western Union International Bank is licensed by the Austrian Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Instructions for receiving €25 in WU+

  1. Download WU Plus from or for Android use the .APK file and to install on your android device. Entering the app we have the first FINAL STEP: We have to change the Country/Language - here we change the country of residence to GERMANY (Don’t worry, this has no consequences and you don’t have to confirm your address)Then we fill in our email and phone number until we reach Identity Verification. Here we enter our “country of document issuance” - Our country.

  2. Now we go to the selection of the document for verification, these are two photos of the front/back in the case of the ID Card, we select the document and click “Proceed with verification by selfie” and take the photos, then we fill in the Personal Information along with the truth and at the Current address, we must leave the Country as GERMANY. ***** I had some delays with this so the best thing to do is request a video verification with a live agent.** It just takes a few minutes and all you have to do is a short video call with you holding your I.D. very quick and easy with immediate verification.

Here we have to generate a random address from GERMANY - otherwise, we won’t pass the verification with the €25 Promotion. You can generate the address on this page -

The street/apartment number does not matter, but you need to check on google maps if the address you provided is the living area.

After taking verification, there are only a few details left before we open the account. Complete them truthfully, e.g. Selecting Student and Savings. Purpose of the account e.g. money transfer. In the main outgoing or receiving countries - I gave my country/Lithuania as we will be using Revolut to send and withdraw funds, or if you don’t have Revolut then from your private account and home country.

Moving on we will see the “Verify Application” screen here we wait until the screen goes to “Process Application” now we can close the application simply by taking it out of the processes on an iphone this is done by swiping the screen up and holding, and on androids usually by double clicking the home button. Verification takes 10-15 minutes after that time we can launch the app and log in to the account.

After logging in to the application now, I advise you to focus and do everything the same as in the instructions, so that later you do not complain that something did not go. Namely, on the screen “Do you want to upgrade your account” scroll lower and click “Decide later”. Now on the second screen with the Physical Card is the key step that is we don’t click anything just turn off the app, as before if you don’t know how to do it on iphone/android then type in google or just turn off the phone.

This way, by resetting the application we skip ordering a free card, which we don’t need anyway, and we don’t have to bother with changing the delivery of the card afterward. Now after restarting the application we find ourselves on the main desktop of WU+ now we click “Add tax ID details” and enter 11 random digits, answering the question - it doesn’t matter when using/closing the account later.

  1. in this step, we select “Deposit money” on the main dashboard of the application and choose with “using a credit or debit card” Do not play with any transfers because it makes no sense and you will complain later. We add a card from Revolut or another debit card of yours. In the window how much do you want to pay EURO, we enter 10 EURO - this is the minimum we have to pay, and we will be charged 11.99 EUR - there is a commission of 1.99 EUR. When we manage to top up the account we are one step ahead of receiving the bonus through the referral code.

After we have successfully deposited €10 to our account, it’s time to claim the bonus, to do this we go to the 4th tab in the application “Rewards” scroll to the very bottom, and click “Redeem referral” here carefully enter the referral code or copy and paste it. Without it, you will not receive the bonus!


After completing the referral code, an additional €25 will appear on our main dashboard, the total should be €35 if you deposited €10 euro earlier. Now we can immediately withdraw our bonus using a “virtual debit card” by adding it to Revolut or any other account where we have card deposit options. To view the card details we click “Show details” next to it and click deposit to Revolut adding the card with WU+. (There is no commission for this and our revolut account will receive €35 equally)

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