Smarty free month referral (UK)

Referral link: 1 month free referral

What you get: a free month (plus a free sim if you’re not a Smarty customer yet) of any plan.

Name of company: Smarty

What they do: Cheapest mobile operator in UK

What I get: a free month.

I just tested it (this week) with a friend, and can confirm this link works as of 30/4/2020, and will work thereafter.

Some competitive plans you can choose: 1 month unlimited text/calls+data (20gbp) or +30gb data (10gbp). There are others.

Been a customer for one month and they are good. They use Three’s network.

Do you know any other SIM card providers with referral schemes?

In UK:

Probably there are more.

That’s great, we’ll do a promotion for these on soon :slight_smile:

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