Stash - claim $20 of free stock (terms apply) [US only]

LINK - Get Stash

Stash is an investing, banking and saving platform. Stash offers partial stocks (fractional shares) so that you can choose how much money you want to invest in the stocks you choose.

Sign up for a Stash Spend and/or Stash Invest account using the referral link provided and deposit $5 and receive $20 to invest.

You must keep the money in the account until all bonuses have been paid before cashing out or bonuses may be voided.

Please note that there is a $1/m minimum fee due at signup, be sure to select the $1 plan and cancel after bonuses have been paid and you have cashed out or stay and get in on the #stashstockparty and earn free stock!

Full terms available at Stash.

Post with any questions or concerns!

Please note, post accurate at time of posting, T&C subject to change.

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Another great referral thanks.

We encourage everybody to store all their referrals in their own page, that way they will be easier to find & will also show up looking for a particular shop.

For example, if you add Stash to you own page, it will also show up on the dedicated Stash referral page: Stash Investing Referral Codes and Links

Yup - working on that a bit at a time as well. :slight_smile:

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Hello RC Forum members!

Looks like 2021 is going to be another rollercoaster of a ride so you might as well make the most of i,t and if you are not currently a Stash member you are missing out on free stock from Stash.

Stash holds random “Stash Stock Party” events where you can earn from fractional shares of stock - the amounts may be small but they do add up!

Recent free stock awards include

  • $Z (Zillow) 1/14/21
  • $CMG (Chipotle Group) 1/12/21
  • $FDX (Fedex) 1/6/21

Join today using my link from the first post and start scooping up your free stocks!

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