Tap2Earn Refer and Earn with Social Media

I’m inviting you to join Tap 2 Earn, a site that lets you earn money with social media. I just earned $80.00 and you can too! Sign up today for a $25 bonus!

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Thanks Matt, this is a really intriguing idea, does it work?

I haven’t been here for awhile but I got your message, to be honest I am not even sure. After I signed up I did some research and it might be a scam. Supposedly I have earned $354.00 but if I try to cash out I cant, the following message pops up on my screen:

To ensure you aren’t cheating the system with multiple accounts and to make sure you are getting the most out of Tap 2 Earn. You must meet the following requirements to cashout for the first time

  • 20 clicks (0 needed)
  • 5 referrals (3 needed)
  • 5 completed taskwall tasks (5 needed)