Giveaways for Course Creators

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5 Lucky Winners will win a Lifetime Account ( Prizes worth $5000 )

:point_right: Creator Plan Worth $300 Includes :

  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Integrate with existing sites
  • Create and Sell Unlimited Courses

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:medal_sports: Top 3 Winners :

Top 3 participants in the Leaderboard will win Traverse.Link Creator Plan Lifetime Deal (worth $300)

:medal_sports: Random 2 Winners :
Random 2 winners will be selected among the participants and will get Traverse.Link Creator Plan Lifetime Deal (worth $300)

:star_struck: Everyone Wins : 70% off Discount Code on all LTD Plans with just 50 Points required !
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:round_pushpin:The Giveaway will End on 6 September 2021 at 11:59 PM (UTC).

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