We get $ 385 for registration and $ 35 for each friend


Go to the link :point_down:


Click on the top three lines at the top right

Click on Sign UP

We are registering, be sure to write this code in the ref.code section, in the photo, do not include you will not be given $ 35 for free. Once again I duplicate the code :wink::point_right: 6IC3G8

After registration you will be given $ 35

Click on the human icon, select the Airdrop section - here you need to insert the air address ers20, now I’ll show you where to find it all :joy:

In the Playmarket, download the Trust Wallet app and register.

In the tokens section, click on ETH

Click on the copy button

Return to the Just Token site, insert the address and click Update Profile. And fill in other sections in the profile with information about yourself so that the system does not think you are a bot :wink:

Next we go to the Airdrop section

In the profile you have to add your Twitter and telegrams, then in the Airdrop-500 section you subscribe to their channels and click the Received button

After that, you will have 550 tokens on your balance. Now the price of the token is $ 0.7, as the developers themselves say, it is $ 385 if you believe them of course :upside_down_face:. I put all the money in the stacking to get even more money

Go to the Stake section

Here we write 550 and press stake

In the referral program section, copy your referral link and invite friends and earn 50 tokens each, ie $ 35 at today’s exchange rate

:point_up_2:Copy your referral link

On November 7 it will be possible to sell their tokens to the coinmarket, but I think it is worth keeping them for a year (promising project)