Western union. 25€ +5€from me on paypal !worldwide!

Western Union - EUR 25 for registration and EUR 25 for referral

  1. Download the Western Union plus (WU +) app
  2. Select the language, the country Germany
  3. Fill in your details and do ID and selfie verification Tax identification number - enter any numbers, keep entering them until he does not stop filling in the field
  4. Your home address is to be from Germany, use a fake address generator.
  1. You will understand that you are verified the moment you enter the app and you will see the dashboard with the card order - exit the app and re-enter, you do not need to order the card.
  2. Go to the Desktop - deposit money - using the card and you have to deposit 15€. THE BEST CARD WITH REVOLUT! Set your deposit amount to € 15 IN THE WESTERNUNION APP.
  3. Go to the Awards section at the bottom and click “Execute Command” and enter: xeCd21qTt6nYJTb Done! You can withdraw the bonus by bank transfer or WU + card.
    There is no bonus without a reference code. Hi! Join WU + now using my referral code, xeCd21qTt6nYJTb to get 25 EUR

I Have payment proof. Dm me if you need help or if you done i send you 5 from me