$ 10 from Coinlist

Go to the link :point_down:


And we pass registration :white_check_mark:

We write in English name, surname, suites and write our password twice.

click Verify

We write in English name, patronymic, surname.

We choose the country and region

Write your address, date of birth and phone number.

click Start

Verifiable verification via abroad, driver’s license or ID card.

Ємоcopy the phrase, which after the QR code and insert in the application authentication, gives us 6 digits, enter them on the site coinlist

Download the authentication application in the Playmarket or app store

After authentication, click Verify again if you knocked out the following :point_down:

:point_up_2: After verification, you will receive an email that your account has been verified.

Under the terms of the referral program, you will receive $ 10 in bitcoins and me $ 10 after you make one deal to buy / sell crypto from $ 100 or more.

We go to the Wallet section

Replenish your balance from $ 100 through any cryptocurrency (Deposit)

Then go to the Buy & Sell section and exchange the cryptocurrency for any other cryptocurrency (necessarily from $ 100 in one payment). After that, you and I get $ 10 in the account. You can immediately withdraw the balance that was thrown and $ 10 that was credited as a bonus

To display click on the Withdraw button.

In the Rewards section we find our referral link and earn $ 10 on each friend. You can also tell your friends to just pass the verification, and give you a log and password and mail to the coin list

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Great review :cowboy_hat_face: Keep them coming!