$100 Visa Gift Card Bonus from OnPath Federal Credit Union - %7 APY Checking (USA, Nationwide)

The interest you get from OnPath FCU’s High-Yeild Interest Checking account is among the highest I’ve ever seen, at 7% APY! All you have to do to get 7% APY is to set up to receive e-Statements (easy) and make just 15 debit card transactions each month. This can be done easily by making 15 CashApp reloads!

The 7% APY is good up to $10,000 of your balance. So at maximum, you can rack up $57 in interest each month!

On top of that, you get a $100 Visa gift card by signing up for your new OnPath checking account through referral with very easy-to-meet requirements.

To Get The $100 Visa Gift Card Bonus:

  1. Submit your personal details at this referral signup form:

  2. You’ll get an email from ReferLive, with instructions to sign up for OnPath FCU. Use the link in this email to start your application.

    1. For qualification, you can select to make a $5 donation to OnPath Foundation. $5 won’t be charged before your new OnPath FCU account is opened. If you live or work in the qualifying area, or if you’re related to an existing OnPath member, you can select your eligibility accordingly.
  3. Enter your personal details.

  4. Add a savings account (mandatory) AND a checking account to qualify for the $100 bonus. The High-Yield Rewards Checking is the one I recommend. Cash Back Checking is also an option which rewards you 5% on your debit card purchases.

  5. Make sure you order a debit card. You’ll need this to get the bonus.

  6. For your new account funding, you can use bank transfer or a credit card. The application form allows you to enter up to $100 total. But later on, you’ll be able to request up to $1000 in credit card funding.

  7. Upload your ID documents for verification, confirm your entries and submit your application.

  8. Wait for OnPath FCU to contact you. If they ask you to send further verification documents like utility bills etc. you can do so in a secure messaging channel for which they send you a link. You can also request to use your credit card to fund your new accounts for $1000 max, if you want. (I did this and got $20 in cashback using my 2%-back PayPal Cashback Mastercard)

  9. Sign the DocuSign form they send you. Write down the member number on this DocuSign form, which you’ll need to set up online/mobile banking.

  10. The approval email will have a link to online or mobile banking. Set it up using your member number which you got in the step above.

  11. Enroll to receive e-Statements to avoid the $2 paper statement charge and also to qualify to receive the interest/cashback.

  12. Within 60 days of account opening, make 10 debit card transactions. The easiest way is to reload CashApp $1 x 10 times using your OnPath debit card. The system might cap you at several transactions per day, so you can break up the 15 debits over the course of 3 or 4 days.

    1. Within 60 days of account opening, receive one or more qualifying direct deposits (employment, government benefits etc.) totaling $250 or more. If you don’t have direct deposit, don’t worry, there is an alternative method which anyone can use - please DM me for more info.
  13. You’ll receive a $100 Visa Gift Card in the mail within a week or two of the last day of the month of meeting your requirements. (typically a few days after)

There have been reports of successfully stacking up this $100 referral bonus with the $40 Swagbucks bonus, by first submitting the referral form and then going through Swagbucks to sign up using the same details you submitted in the referral form.

USA only.

Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Thank you for using my referral link, in advance!