14 $ token Cointrano

Go to Cointrano and register.

We come up with a login, in four fields we enter the same password, mail and code from the mail.

Invitation code: 79946665

We complete the registration. After passing the verification, it is very simple without any paperwork, it is more convenient with a driver’s license, front side and back in two fields, or in the first field a passport in a spread, in the second field a selfie with a passport. Photos are loaded every other time, there is a shortage of them, but their service is working on this.

After that, after a while, you will first be credited with 10 ATG tokens, later after checking another 100 ATG tokens.

For accelerated enrollment, write to the Telegram admin, 100 ATG tokens are credited much faster. Write To Telegram @ cointrano02.

Tokens are traded well on the Exchange, you can buy and trade them, but the tokens that we receive from this distribution are unlocked on December 25.

Very good conditions for the ref system!