£20 cash from GoHenry

£20 cash from GoHenry

A GoHenry account provides children with a prepaid debit card funded by their parents. If you don’t have children you can still do this offer because there aren’t checks.

This is an easy £20. I didn’t need ID to sign up however some people have been asked for ID.

You get a free debit card sent and the app is free to use for 30 days then £2.99/ month (plus a 50p fee for every further top up of your account after the initial free deposit).

1.Tap my referral link Get started with £20 in your account | gohenry
2. Enter your details and set up a parent pin and deposit £5 (or £10 if you want to withdraw this from an ATM).
3. Once your debit card arrives set up the child’s details (the card pin is located in the app - tap the child’s name/Card/PIN).

Your £20 bonus is added within 24 hours of activating your card then you can withdraw your £20 bonus & £10 deposit from an ATM.