$30 Bonus from Noumena, No Deposit Required (USA)

Noumena is an innovative service that help freelancers and solopreneur get financial support and services. I’m a freelancer in the arts. I’ve been exploring Noumena in the last few days, and I particularly its community-oriented approach where you can connect with other professionals. You can send/receive payments, seek funding, collaborate on projects and do many more things on Noumena. Most of their basic services including transferring money, making payments etc. are 100% free to use.

Are you a freelancer, a self-employed, an entrepreneur or a business owner? If you’re interested, you can enjoy a $30 referral bonus just for signing up, so why not trying Noumena to see if you like it?

To get the $30 bonus:

  1. Click “Join us” on the Noumena website (https://www.noumena.pro/).
  2. Enter phone number or email address to start your signup.
  3. Verify your email address.
  4. On the first page of your application, check “I have a referral code” and enter my referral code 10539.
  5. On the second page, enter a link to a page about your professional profile. This can be your LinkedIn page, Github, Upwork profile etc. I’m a freelancer in the arts and I provided just my LinkedIn page and that seemed to suffice.
  6. Enter more details about your work. Perhaps you have more things you want to say or not mentioned on the professional page you provided. Every application is reviewed manually, and I’m sure your willingness to be thorough will give them a good impression.
  7. Submit your application and wait for approval.
  8. Log into Noumena web app at https://noumena.pro, using your registered email or phone number.
  9. Be sure to set up your wallet. Under “Money”, click the link to set up your wallet. (The mobile app doesn’t have the option for the wallet yet, so be sure to access the web app using a browser)
  10. As long as your wallet is set up by September 30, your $30 bonus will be deposited in the first week of October.

The Noumena support assured that they don’t do any credit checks. I myself did not see any sign of inquiry by Noumena on any of my credit reports.

This referral promotion expires on September 30, 2022. The detailed descriptions on Noumena’s referral program can be found here.

USA only.

I really appreciate you using my referral code! Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions.

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