$40 CPRX (you can trade in app) from Abra when you deposit $15 of crypto

Abra is a US platform - they give you $25 CPRX (their own token- which you can trade to another coin) when you sign up from a referral link and deposit $15 of crypto Referral - Abra plus a further $15 of CPRX just for holding $15 of crypto for 30 days shown in Abra’s app Screenshot-20211223-224451 — ImgBB

You must sign up on your mobile and you will need a pen and paper to take a note of your 13 word wallet recovery phrase.

Steps :

  1. On your mobile tap my https://www.abra.com/ref/?deep_link_sub1=RC6MDVD5P
    to sign up (passport / drive licen). I was verified in 1 minute.
  2. Write down the 13 wallet recovery words & re-enter to confirm (enter spaces between the words).
  3. Tap Add money/ Deposit Crypto / deposit $15 of crypto from another exchange (you could buy your crypto on an exchange with a free withdrawal like Gemini or Nexo or otherwise deposit a crypto with a cheap network fee like XLM or XRP). I deposited XRP and then exchanged to USDC on Abra to avoid any price drops. Litecoin is another cheap coin to transfer in and out.

After 30 days your $40 of CPRX is available. You can trade your CPRX to another crypto in Abra and withdraw.