Acorns [investing app] - claim $5 new account bonus (T&C apply) [US ONLY]

Receive a $5 bonus when you open a new Acorns account.

Acorns is an automated investing app that takes the spare change from the purchases you make with your debit/credit card. This spare change is then invested into various ETFs. Or you can make deposits on your own schedule.

Please note that a min $1/m fee applies if you keep your account open but you can do “found money” offers to offset the cost (or even profit monthly) - be sure to select “Lite” tier when opening your account.

Post with any questions or concerns!

Please note, post accurate at time of posting, T&C subject to change.

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The Acorns referral scheme is one of the most popular out there. You can share your Acorns referral in the dedicate page at ReferralCodes, here: Acorns Referral Codes and Links

I setup an account at Referral Codes but now my account can’t be found?

Hi we have just updated, everything should be working fully in 48 hours so check back soon. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Your account is back in action, this is your page here with the Acorns referral: Stanley's Referral Page

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Will I need to create a new account on referral separate from the one I have here on the forum or once the update will my current login work there also


They seem to be 2 separate logins.

Thanks I’ll create an account for that also


Yes they’re two different platforms (for now!!). You can of course use the same name in both. Overtime, we want want to encourage users to share codes on the main pages of, and use these forums for discussions, advice, tips, requests etc… but you let us know what’s useful! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: