Aspiration Bank - claim $50 new account bonus (T&C apply) [US ONLY]

Aspiration is an fee-free online bank account offering competitive interest rates and no ATM fees worldwide.

receive $50 for completing the following steps

  • open an account
  • fund with $250+ (direct deposit, bank transfer or etc)
  • activate debit card upon receipt
  • spend $250 cumulative/total within 60 days (pay some bills, buy some groceries …w/e).
  • collect $50 bonus

Please note, accurate at time of posting, T&C subject to change.

In light of recent events surrounding Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank et al I’d like to point out that Aspiration provides 2.25 MM in FDIC protection per account holder.

“Through the Aspiration Insured Bank Deposit Program, cash balances in the Aspiration Spend and Save Accounts are deposited at one or more FDIC-insured depository institutions (each a “Bank”) up to $250,000 per Bank. With nine Banks available, Deposits are FDIC-insured up to $2.25 million per depositor.”

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