BRSK full fibre Broadband - £75 Amazon voucher with any 24-month contracts

BRSK full fibre Broadband - £75 Amazon voucher with any 24-month contracts.

BetterNet1000 (900Mbps download and upload) at just £30 per month on a 24-month contract. £1 per day.

BetterNet500 (500Mbps download and upload) at £28pm - both on 24-month contracts.

BetterNet100 (100Mbps download and upload) at £25pm

No setup and installation fees and customer service is so much better than Virgin Media.

Plus, simple month-to-month options if you’d prefer but you can’t get the £75 voucher.

Brsk will install a separate modem and supply Icotera i4850 router. For their BetterWifi which costs extra and helps with dead spots, they install Icotera i3550 Mesh Aps.

But you can put their router into modem mode or plug your own router directly into their fibre connection.

To check if they are in your area or coming soon, have a look at brsk | High Speed Fibre Broadband Provider UK

They also have BetterIP which is extra but great for gamers and gives you a static IP.

Offer Ends 31 July 2023. Valid for new customers only.

Average speeds achievable by 50% of users: 100Mbps on BetterNet100, 500Mbps on BetterNet500 and 900Mbps on BetterNet1000. 900Mbps can be achieved on a single device with a wired connection, but may be less via Wifi

You will receive the voucher when their service is active for 30 days with no outstanding payments.

Ref link - brsk | High Speed Fibre Broadband Provider UK You will need to put the referral code on checkout, PTS7

Non - ref -

All the reasons to choose the brsk BetterNet

:white_check_mark: Get the same speeds for downloads AND uploads

:white_check_mark: Transparent pricing with no unexpected in-contract hikes

:white_check_mark: Excellent customer service (rated 4.8 on Trustpilot)


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