Claim Free Stocks and Bonds - TradeUP and Worthy


This has been my favorite commission-free app to use thus far. You can trade the full extended hours, starting 4am and ending 8pm. For comparison, Robinhood lets you place orders between 8am and 6 pm. They also have a promotion “Predict the S&P 500” where you get coins for doing basic daily tasks on the app, like opening the app or reading a news article. You can then bet these coins on SPY going up or down the next day for free and win cash at the end of the week. This lets you get ongoing rewards instead of just one free stock one time.

Worthy Financial.

This is a really neat offer. You receive a free $10 bond that pays out 5% in interest. You can then buy and sell bonds much like stocks but with fixed returns. This is a good risk-free investment given the uncertainty of the current market. You can exit the bonds at any time, and it offers much higher returns than any savings account.