Clicks & conversions

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem I’m having, any input is much appreciated.

I can see viewers are clicking on my referral links but I haven’t had a single conversion. Am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately a lot of people may click through but not sign up. Referrals seem to convert a lot like online ads, where conversion ratios are typically horrid.

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Thank you for sharing this, really insightful, have you found anyway to maximise conversion that you could share by chance?

First rule, never SPAM…

If possible try to post where there are groups of like minded people. There are some Reddit groups, Facebook groups, Mewe groups etc where you can post freely.

Failing that post on your own accounts, Facebook, Twitter, IG, Mewe etc. Or come up with some novel ideas to share your links.

I have several Movies Anywhere accounts that allow me to share passes (like a free rental). I give away these freebies and post ads along with them to promote offers or pages -

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Some members of ReferralCodes include their page link in their email signature - it’s a good way for people to find it easily if they are looking. Keep your suggestions coming :slight_smile:

Lately, in addition to posting in other places, I’ve been making screenshots of interest and payments for various programs and sharing them on UHive too.

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Sure I’ll check it out

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All you have to do is register to Luno and complete ID verification