Did anyone tryed luckyvideo.cc?

I cant find much of information about this site, i wont share my ref code because i dont know if its legit which is my question exactly. Is it legit ?
You basically watch there 3 videos daily, 5$ bonus with ref code, 10$ for payout, paypal is one of the options.
3 videos in sum earn you up to 0.78$ daliy (usually its around 0.5 i am there for 2-3 of days).
At least thats what they say i dont know if there is a “catch” is it scam.
Please share just to know not to continue if its a scam.

It doesn’t seem to have a great reputation… see here for example: Luckyvideo Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of luckyvideo.cc

Yeah i read only there, thats why i am asking here.
I even couldnt find them on reddit.
Anyway, i should in a day or two get 10$ and will let anyone know if they payout but i think its scam also.
Will update you.

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came to 10$ when try to withdraw it says you need vip1 lvl :smiley:
An its 30$ so prob when you reach that they will tell you smth else etc…
So, scam. Dont try it.

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