Distribution of OZC coins - $ 10


OZC is a new generation of Blockchain platform using the multi-level consensus O-DPoS algorithm, able to process transactions quickly with virtually zero cost.
OZC is built with EVM compatibility, so it will support all Ethereum-powered Dapps with faster transaction processing times and almost zero cost. In addition, OZC also provides cross-chain compatibility, making Dapps easier to scale. Blockchain will definitely become an important technology with widespread adoption in the future.
Currently, the ICO for the OZC token is open, and you can participate in this placement completely free of charge!
Complete a simple registration: https://www.ozc.org/invite?ref=168dc236 as a member and receive $ 10 in your l / c account, which you can (and should) use to buy OZC coins.
If you are interested, then hurry up, tk. distribution time is limited + increase in token value reduces the number of free coins available for receiving!