DoorDash Maxed out Referrals on this site!

This is just a brief praise post - I started using this website like a month ago and posted my code for DoorDash. I boosted and within the first day I’d already received $40 in DoorDash credits, I was so shocked (because you know most of the time when you post a code somewhere nothing really happens so you’re just kinda HOPING someone will bite). Over the next couple of weeks I was able to order for my family on a regular basis because the credits just kept coming in! Unfortunately, DoorDash caps their referrals at 25 referrals per account/$500 in credits received so I’ve since not been able to get anything from my code anymore, but MAN was that a ride!!! Definitely recommend boosting on this site, it’ll more than pay for itself :smile:!

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It’s great to hear the success stories! So $500 in Doordrash credits from referrals, amazing :clap: :clap: :clap: