Earn $30 a day in passive income from your unused WiFi

Want to passively earn money through the AI movement? Grass is the First Incentivized Web Scraping Protocol :seedling:

At this point, everyone has heard of ChatGPT and maybe other LLMs. These models along with many other smaller ML models need lots and lots of data to be trained. This is why Grass and web scraping for AI could be a HUGE opportunity for you and me.

Grass allows users to sell their unused bandwidth to AI labs and retailers for web scraping purposes.

You legit just run a browser extension and you earn points passively. At some point, this protocol will release a cryptocurrency token to provide value back to all of us. Once you receive those tokens, you simply sell them for cash! They are also exploring cash back in the form of gift cards and PayPal.

It’s literally so easy… you just browse the internet like nothing happens and your data and browsing history will remain safe

Use the link below to sign up! Disclaimer: this is a referral link.

Hi jmay1923729 welcome to the referral codes forum. The grass looks like a good app.

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Grass (of course :joy:) is already on ReferralCodes, with a dedicated profile here: https://referralcodes.com/shop/grass-referral Make sure you share your Grass experience with the referral hive!

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