Earn $75 for every referral (Zazz)

If you clicked you are probably in need of cash and this is the right place.

Steps to getting $75:

  1. Sign up HERE
  2. Complete some free tasks to earn only 1 credit (hundreds of tasks readily available)
  3. Start referring and after you referral earns 1 credit you get paid $75

Tasks are available for USA,UK, Canada an Australia.
For international people who don’t have tasks you have to get referrals from the above countries to to start earning. NOTE: You will earn from the second referral if you are not from the above countries. First referral will be used to earn you the 1 credit sice you dont have offers available for you.
Payouts are daily and there is no limit.

Hello! Please share the name of the platform you’re promoting :grinning:

I just did its name is Zazz

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