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Hi All,

Kinesis Money is all about putting money BACK into the hands of its userbase. No more paying massive bank interest, and no more stealing from hardworking middle class citizens through inflation and reckless government bailouts.

It is a full monetary system with an exchange, mint, accounts, and debit card.

Trade Crypto, Fiat, or Precious Metals globally and instantly with a low 0.45% fee. Storage is free with Kinesis, and you get paid monthly just for holding, trading, or spending your funds. Don’t want to keep your metals with Kinesis at one of the 13 global vaults? Take delivery of your assets right to your front door.

Use your App or Visa Debit card to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted globally.

Sign up is completely free, KYC verification available for more security.

Available in most countries!

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