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· Phone
· 10$ deposit (you can withdraw that immediately after with no charge)

STEP 1: Download the app Trading212 from the link: https://www.trading212.com/invite/17r9WYskUB
Non-Referral link: https://www.trading212.com/
STEP 2: Make an account and do the KYC. If you do not do the KYC, you will not be eligible for the free promotion stock.
STEP 3: Deposit 10$ on your account. You can withdraw this IMMEDIATELY after you receive your free stock.
STEP 4: Go to options (bottom right corner) and click on ‘‘Use promo code’’. After that just copy the following code 17r9WYskUB
STEP 5: You should receive your FREE stock which can be worth up to 100$. After that you can do whatever you want with it. You can keep it or sell it (most people do this).

If you have any questions regarding the method, feel free to ask!

(If you already have account you can click Use promo code" and then type 17r9WYskUB
Shares are selected randomly and can be worth up to 100$

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