Free 30 EUR for Europeans

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Open the link above and Sign Up

Do the KYC, if it asks for “TIN” number it’s your personal number, but if you don’t have it - it’s fine, just skip it.

Click Icon on the right > Transfers > Your SEPA details

Deposit 1 EUR from your bank, it is instant if your bank supports SEPA Instant (for example Revolut, Wise was instant)

After receiving deposit go ahead and buy & sell Bitcoin 11 times so the total trade amount is 10 EUR

You will get your bonus up to 1 BTC.


Scroll down below and find “Learn about Crypto” to earn extra 5 Euros

Answers are here:

When can USDC be used? Answer: Anytime

What is true about USDC? Answer: It is accessible worldwide

What is stablecoin? Answer: A crypto “pegged” to an asset

What are two types of stablecoins? Answer: Algorithmic and fully reserved

You now can sell your rewards and withdraw them to your bank account. Enjoy!