Free £5 in Revolut for Jan/Feb 2021

Strongly recommend Revolut: really nice, minimalist app interface; generally offers the most competitive rates for fX (even with a small increase at weekends) to help you save on holiday spend or sending money overseas; and option for some really good savings with the cashback in its rewards section – which has helped me save on all sorts – from smaller everyday purchases like coffee to holiday costs like rail fare, and hotels. App-y days :slight_smile:

For the next fortnight, get £5 for signing up with a referral link and using the debit card a couple of times (more details in link below).

Full disclosure – there’ll be a little something for me in this too if you’re feeling kind enough to use my link:!G10D21). Thank you

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Yum! Let us know how it goes. Do you use any of the other new ‘fintech’ companies/cards? (e.g. Curve, Monzo, Monese, n26…)

Yes, very keen on trying out all the latest tech, especially when it comes to managing my money. Fire away if you have any questions and want to know more about these products…
As an overview, I have to say I don’t really get the hype over Monzo - I prefer the interface in Revolut and services it provides, plus I think the actual financial benefits of Starling far outweigh the others. Monzo seems to be little more than fancy marketing in my eyes. Monese is OK and has one or two very good features. Sadly no N26 in my country so not able to comment there. As for Curve, that is an excellent app and service: it is without doubt the one Fintech service I use on a daily basis (again, referral code for any interested is ‘NVAVN’ - £5 free for us both).

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