Free Crypto Offers - No Deposit or Purchase Required!

There are many posts with many similar offers. However, I wanted to highlight the offers that stand out because of the ease of use of the apps and the quality of the offers. Also, these offers DO NOT require you to deposit or purchase anything – this is a sticking point for me. I dislike the offers that require a deposit of $50-100 to receive $10-25 because sometimes it requires holding the funds for a while like 90 – 180 days when you try to redeem the offer. These offers require no deposits or contributions and have netted me over 0.025 BTC over the last 3 months.


This link will put you at the front of the line for Coinbase Earn, where I have personally collected over $200 the past two months from completing the Earn rewards. You also receive a bonus where if you make a trade for over $100 in crypto, you get $10 in Bitcoin (BTC) as a bonus. Check back regularly for additional free bonuses - this past month I got free COMP, Algo, and ZEC.

BTC Surveys.

This link will take you to a site that has surveys you can complete for Bitcoin (BTC). Once you accumulate 100,000 satoshis (0.001 BTC) you can transfer to your wallet. The transfer wait time is about 48 hours, but it has always worked reliably. The average survey is 1,000 - 10,000 satoshis and takes 3 - 10 minutes.