"Free Share" for new Landa members [real estate investing app]

Download the Landa app (https://landa.app/redirect?url=referral?code=STANLEY0736) and then enter code STANLEY0736 to qualify for your “free share”.

You will receive your bonus instantly once you sign up, verify your account, and make any deposit. Including $1. You don’t have to invest that $1. You can withdraw it immediately with no fees.

Linky - https://landa.app/redirect?url=referral?code=STANLEY0736

Don’t forget to enter code STANLEY0736 to qualify for your bonus.

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PSA - Landa has expanded into new markets and Multi Family Housing units are now available for investment!

And don’t miss my “Real Estate Rumble” where I square off the different crowdfunded real estate apps!

Someone asked for “proof” for a different app so I will try to start uploading screenshots whenever possible.

Screenshot speaks for itself.

For a comparison of all the real estate apps I use checkout my ‘Real Estate Rumble’.

“Show don’t tell” :clap: :clap:

Landa is blowing up for referrals!

Referral “proof” below.

For a comparison of all the real estate apps I use checkout my ‘Real Estate Rumble’.

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24 Free Shares and counting!

Real Estate Rumble is now available as an APP! …how cool is that?

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It’s very cool, is the answer :joy:

A more aesthetically pleasing version 2 of the Real Estate Rumble app was released today!

I’ve now received 40 free shares on Landa to date!

Linky → https://bit.ly/JoinLanda

Check out Landa and other real estate and alternative asset investing apps on my app → Real Estate Rumble

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What are Landa shares ‘worth’?

Great question!

The initial value is based on the share received.

Currently I mostly seem to be receiving shares for the property “6696 Mableton” which have an initial value of $5.06/ea - in general the value of free shares received seems to hover around $5/share.

However, each of those shares will continue to pay out dividends beyond the initial value in the form of property appreciation and future monthly rents that will be collected and paid out so the actual value is potentially much higher.

Hopefully that answered your question. :slight_smile:

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Another referral today - this time the share received is valued at almost $12!

…and just a reminder that this share will continue to pay dividends every month!

…you can find the link to join in the posts above.

55 Shares earned and counting (and these shares produce MONTLY dividends)!

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As of 1/14/23 the total dollar value of the shares earned by referring members to Landa is $928.52!

Link in top post!

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…annnnnd another FREE Landa Share is pending!

Click her to join now! – https://landa.app/redirect?url=referral?code=STANLEY0736

How many referral free shares have you received in total so far?

To date I have received 69 free shares + $20.00 in credits (from when they will still doing credits instead of shares).

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Hi, it’s me again with another Landa update!

$1,037.48 in rewards collected so far. (breakdown below)

$991.06 in Free Shares earned to date.

$46.42 in Total Dividends.

…and best of all, as long as I don’t sell or cash out my shares I will CONTINUE to earn dividends every single month.

Join Landa Today! → Landa | Invest in real estate for as little as $5

Don’t miss my latest Landa Update on Twitter!

Don’t miss my latest Landa update on Twitter!

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