Freecash vs Swagbucks: Which GPT Site is Better?

Freecash and Swagbucks are two of the biggest GPT (get-paid-to) sites out there. They are both very popular and both offer the possibility to earn some extra bucks.

Let’s take a look at which of these two is best on a number of different aspects:

1. How to Join?
2, Earning Possibilities
3. Earning Potential
4. Other Rewards
5. Withdrawing
6. Trustpilot Reviews

1. How to Join?
Both Freecash and Swagbucks are available more or less worldwide. Especially with Swagbucks though, earning potential is much higher in some countries, because it has originally only served to a select group of countries.

Joining the GPT sites is in both cases straightforward. You will need a valid e-mail address and a password, or you can sign in using a Google account.

Freecash has a sign-up bonus. If you sign up with this link, you will receive one free case ($0.05-$250). If you manage to earn $1 in the first 48h after signing up, you will receive 3 more of these cases. As you’ll see later in this article, earning $1 isn’t difficult.

You can sign up for Swagbucks with this link Swagbucks offers a $10 shopping bonus to new users who spend $25 through the site’s Shop & Earn portal within 30 days of signing up.

2. Earning Possibilities
Before diving into the possibilities to earn, let’s quickly explain the monetary units of the two GPT sites.

Freecash uses coins: 1000 coins = $1
Swagbucks uses swagbucks (SB): 100SB = $1 / €1 / £1
So 10 coins on Freecash equals 1 SB on Swagbucks. Keep in mind that these amounts are approximate and depend on the method of withdrawal and withdrawal currency, more on that later.

Both sites offer a lot of surveys that can earn you some money. Swagbucks has its own survey platform, there are generally a lot of surveys available on there. Freecash uses 3rd party services to provide surveys, you won’t run out of surveys very quickly there either.

Both Freecash and Swagbucks have multiple offer walls available. Some offers can pay very well, but these tend to be very difficult, so I suggest avoiding them as much as possible.

This feature is currently only available on Swagbucks. If you’re shopping online, you can get between 1% and 10% cashback. This is available on many big sites like eBay, Amazon and Best Buy.

Conclusion: both sites offer a variety of surveys and offerwalls, Swagbucks also offers cashback, which is a plus.

3. Earning Potential
As stated before, both Freecash and Swagbucks have a lot of offers and surveys available. For the offers and offer walls, the payout is similar between Freecash and Swagbucks.

There isn’t really a big difference between the amount of money the surveys pay on Swagbucks vs on Freecash.

Theoretically, you could be looking at making $4–7/hour filling out surveys. But in reality, you will get rejected from some, and not all surveys are as well paying.

Conclusion: The earning potential between Freecash and Swagbucks is similar since the number of offers and surveys and their pay-rate are about the same.

4. Other Rewards
Besides offerwalls and surveys, both sites have some other possibilities to earn coins/swagbucks.

Swagbucks has a daily bonus system. If you earn more than about 30–50SB per day, your streak gets extended by a day. After 7 days you get a bonus of 25SB, after a month you can get a bonus of 300SB.

Freecash also has a daily bonus system. Your streak gets extended if you earn at least 1000 coins per day. In contrary to Swagbucks, you get a bonus every day (not only at the end of the week). In total, you can earn an extra 2500 coins ($2.5) per week, this is more generous than Swagbucks, but the daily threshold is higher ($1 vs $0.3).

Freecash also has another daily bonus ladder. Every day, you get a free ticket for the ladder, depending on your level you can earn some extra coins there. I tend to claim my coins immediately instead of betting for more, but you can try your luck climbing up the ladder.

Lastly, Freecash has one final extra bonus reward, in the form of a daily and monthly leaderboard. There is a prize pool of $500 each day, split up among the 1000 people that earned the most that day. The same goes for the monthly leaderboard but with a $5000 reward.

Conclusion: it is clear that Freecash offers more extra bonuses than Swagbucks: daily rewards, daily ladder bonus, daily/monthly leaderboards and a signup bonus here

5. Withdrawing
Both sites have a variety of withdrawal options. Let’s take a look at which one has the largest variety and lowest fees.

Swagbucks has a ton of different giftcards available as a cashout option. You can buy giftcards from PayPal, Amazon, Payoneer, Steam and much more. The best thing is that none of these options have any fees attached.

Freecash has the same giftcards available as Swagbucks. The big difference is that you can also withdraw in crypto. Just like with Swagbucks, there are no fees for buying gift cards. For withdrawing to PayPal there is a 5% fee. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin have transaction fees, so when withdrawing crypto I suggest using Litecoin (no fee).

The minimal withdrawal for Swagbucks is $1 for Amazon giftcards and $10 for all other giftcards.

On Freecash, the minimal withdrawal for giftcards and PayPal is $5, and the minimum withdrawal for crypto is just $0.50.

Conclusion: Freecash has a wider variety of withdrawing options, but withdrawing to PayPal has a 5% fee. The minimum withdrawal is lower on Freecash.

6. Trustpilot Reviews
Both GPT sites have excellent reviews on Trustpilot. They both have about the same number of reviews, Freecash scores slightly higher than Swagbucks. But both have really good scores. Conclusion: Freecash scores slightly better on Trustpilot than Swagbucks, but both have excellent scores.


How to Join: Freecash (available worldwide, signup bonus)

Earning Possibilities: Swagbucks (cashback offers)

Earning Potential: Tie (same amount of offers, same pay rate)

Other Rewards: Freecash (more extra (daily) rewards)

Withdrawing: Freecash (more withdrawing options, lower minimum)

Trustpilot Reviews: Freecash (slightly better reviews)

The winner is: Freecash.

It could still be advantageous to use Swagbucks if you shop online often or want to avoid fees when withdrawing to PayPal.

You can also sign up for both Freecash and Swagbucks to maximise your earning potential.

If you want to sign up for Freecash and receive 4 free bonus cases worth up to $250 use this link. You can sign up for Swagbucks to get a $10 shopping bonus using this link. :moneybag:

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Great summary! Freecash and Swagbucks are both very popular referral profiles so make sure you share on ReferralCodes after you sign-up!

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Thank you ReferralCodes! I have Freecash and Swagbucks on my profile page.

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I am a member of both these sites. I like Swagbucks because you can get cashback and get paid to search the web. I like Freecash because it offers more daily and monthly rewards.